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About this page

This is the frontpage to my sites. Some of them created as working duty, some reflect my hobbies, and some created for my friends.

Only one of the sites (Virtual matchbox labels museum) is presented in Enlish, all other are Russian only.

About myself

My name is Stanislav Dmitriev and I live in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia (look for it in the Northwest corner of Russia).

In 1975 I graduated Moscow Peoples Friendship University with three professions: MS(Physics), BA(Linguistics) and a programmer (without official degree). I am working with computers from 1972, starting with analog computing devices, then with early digital computers. Worked with 8 different computer architectures with different memory organization. Started from direct computer codes programming, then worked with several Assembly languages and later with more than a dozen of different programming languages on more than a dozen of operational systems. For the last fifteen years I mainly work as project manager in projects of introducing and implementing CAD and GIS technologies.

WEB design is one of my hobbies, and that is why you have the opportunity to see this site.

My contact E-mail is

My sites

Virtual matchbox labels museum

Заметки по истории Северной Руси

ГИС, САПР, графика

WEB дизайн

Sites for friends


Working duty

Карелпроект (1998)

Комзем РК (1999-2000)

Петрозаводские геодезический центр

Интернет-карта г. Петрозаводск

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